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Hotel Conferences With Break-Outs

We can build high-end AV sets for conference rooms.

Corporate conference planning

Success is all about the details 

You can save a lot of confusion by putting a single organizer in charge of event setup, onsite event support management, and equipment tear-down.

Unified AV rental package

Discount: up to 10% OFF

We can build a specialized rental package of the event equipment and tools needed to cover your conference and make sure they’ll be available.

Real-time event control

Get a professional AV service

You can alleviate a lot of stress by negotiating money-saving event support with us, professionals who specialize in installation and dismantling.

For more than 15 years, our audio, video, and stage event specialists have helped to bring each client’s vision to life. With us, you can add to your conference space the highest quality audiovisual equipment while ensuring the integrity of the facility. Our firm has a reputation for taking on the most outlandish projects and delivering incredible results. Our event planners can design, assemble, and customize equipment at our conference place to meet any special business presentation needs. For any meeting room setup and audiovisual requirement request, our technical team will deliver, set up, and integrate modern technology solutions to achieve the best presentation quality coupled with user-friendly functionality for each venue. We provide not only the best conference room equipment but produce attractive corporate conference scenic design. Our on-site AV staff will be proficient in all audiovisual conferencing technologies. You do not need to incur costs to have in-house AV staff for your conference equipment, our experts have the knowledge to support your entire hotel complex infrastructure. We are skilled with audio, video, projection, stage lighting, pipe and drape, and also truss set-ups. Our audiovisual engineers set up, test, and operate rental equipment before and during your event, enabling clients to achieve amazing sound and visual presentations at an economic price point. From large scale conference ballrooms to breakouts meetings and corporate functions, our presentation service team implements events that run flawlessly, clearly present key messages, and remain within budget. If necessary, we are able to stay in contact with the client team throughout the event on two-way walkie-talkies to ensure any possible issues can be dealt with as soon as they arise. Events can be devastatingly multifaceted and event teams are not getting larger. We can take care of the details around venue floor plans, basic concept development, audiovisual package, stage and lighting strategy, technical track, and event production administration. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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