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Audio Visual Systems

Rent professional AV equipment and track your event success

Sound Systems

  • Wireless Microphones
  • Wired Microphones
  • PA Speakers
  • Mixers
  • DJ Equipment
  • Signal Processors

TV Video Systems

  • TVs
  • Computer Monitors.
  • Comercial Displays.
  • Touch Screen Monitors.
  • Video Wall Panels.
  • TV stands and Mounts.


  • Business Projectors.
  • Short Throw Projectors.
  • Large Venue Projectors.
  • Tripod Screens.
  • Fast-fold Screens.
  • Projector Lenses.

We offer extensive equipment inventory and installation capabilities in NYC or anywhere in the US, or for those interested in creating unique state-of-the-art events, we offer the industry's most effective presentation models and functioning AV support. Leave everything in our hands and you can be sure that we will design an event that will impress you and all of your guests. We are a one-call resource and will provide the correct services that match your vision! We have extensive expert knowledge of the audiovisual equipment and event technologies available to produce the finest sound and video quality for your venue or outdoor space, always customized for your specific needs. We offer PA system, enhanced sonos, multi-channel sound structures, video walls, and video projection for small or large rooms, indoor or outdoor venues, installed, or rented. As well we offer professional voice recording, with limited post-production mixing and sweetening, special event sound, PA reinforcement, and video recording of events. Our stockroom is full of a wide array of audiovisual equipment, sound systems, projection, stage elements, modern lighting.  We also offer conference system rentals, video wall rentals, iPad rentals, DJ equipment rentals, two-way radio rentals, and the large TV screen and computer monitors rentals. We have worked in venues of all sorts, and know that no matter where you have your event that we will be able to effectively work. We have the capabilities to design, deliver, install, and operate any conference equipment for all New York City, New York State, New Jersey corporate events. We manage all aspects of the event AV rental, AV production and event management, equipment adjustment (if needed), replacement, and training of client’s personnel. Our technicians always work directly at a client’s venues providing meeting and event support, preventative maintenance, and AV desk support. We are located in the heart of Manhattan, which means rush delivery to events where lighting, staging, trussing installation, and personal consulting and technical support are needed is possible. We thrive on creating amazing events and seeing them through to a remarkable conclusion.

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