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Video Conferencing Systems

Expand business network and people connection.

Video Sessions 

As more and more organizations are finding the business need to communicate remotely, all video conferencing has turned into an essential tool to stay connected with students, congregants, and collegues. The good news is that video conferensing equipment is very user-friendly.  With AV NYC video specialists you can to your video conference professional look without the hassle of an encoder. You will be able easily share your screen and add lower thirds, full-screen graphics, or/and logos — straight from your browser. And when your conference is over, it

is auto-archived in up to 4K. 

Do you struggle with making your presentation and conferencing practice consistent throughout the organization? Maybe your AV technology is old and outdated, or you’ve coddled together various upgrades throughout the system lifecycle. Hire AV NYC if you wish to create a modern user videoconference interface that allows a predictable worry-free experience for every business meeting with the most progressive video conferencing solutions and up to date video conferencing equipment. We are committed to helping our customers make advanced, well-versed decisions about their video conferencing systems. In order to establish a consistent video conferencing process and stable communication procedures, we need to know how many participants will join at each site during a video conference and do you have a need to do multipoint calls to multiple sites at one time. All high definition video calls require at least 1MB/s of network bandwidth which allows better internal support of audio and multi-camera video conference systems. Our video conference equipment and interoperability video conferencing software solutions enable professional video conferencing systems to seamlessly connect to meetings in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, and Skype for Business. As the service-focused communication provider, we offer the smart integration of the newest audiovisual technologies to build high-value conferencing structures for our clients and build cutting-edge collaboration solutions for any meeting space at a budget-friendly rate.

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